Welcome to my website!

A bit about me:

I'm a fourth-year student at UC Santa Barbara, majoring in Communication and minoring in Multimedia Professional Writing.

Writing is my passion.

I desire to hone my design skills while utilizing my expertise in writing to work in a career in the marketing field.

Aside from writing,

I have a deep love for flowers, wine, and all things Trader Joe's. My dream career would be a combination of all these passions.

Work Experience:

From customer service to experience in a professional office,

I've discovered my strengths in multiple contexts.

The internship with Cubic Corporation was my first experince working in a full-time, office position. I spent my time utilizing my writing skills through various assignments, and sharpening my Microsoft Powerpoint and Excel proficiency. My final project for the summer-long internship was a presentation to a majority of the Cubic executives and the other interns, featuring an extensive product deck in which I outlined all of Cubic's products and services, including their features, benefits, and how the company stands against competitors. During this internship, I gained hands-on experience in a professional office setting. Additionally, I was one of two female interns, and the only intern not in the STEM field. I wanted to make an impact, making sure to display my creativity, capability and work ethic, in hopes that I would stand out amongst the engineers.

My employment for the Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara has been a growing experience. As a biography writer, my job is to look through the applications of scholarship recipients to write brief biographies on the students to send to the SFSB donors. In this role, I work remotely on my own time. Because of this, I learned serious time-management skills and how to better discipline myself to meet the weekly quotas. The repetitive structure in which I write the bios and the high volume of applications pushed me to strengthen my writing efficiency, as well as my reading and writing comprehension.

My experience in retail and customer service through Trader Joe's has taught me communication skills, the importance of maintaining strong customer relations, and extreme patience. The values of Trader Joe's as a company align with my personal values, which I hope to carry with me into my future place of employment. At Trader Joe's, I take on many tasks and roles: not only do I run the cash register and stock shelves, but I create aesthetically-pleasing displays to highlight featured products, study market patterns that lead to properly ordering the correct amount of product daily, and develop innovative food recipes for customers to sample in order to sell products. I see each of these daily tasks as marketing practice, and I hope to continue to grow in my career at Trader Joe's by one day working for the marketing or copywriting team at the corporate office.


Here is a brief run-down of the work I've completed in the Professional Writing Minor.

Using the skills learned through these courses, I worked with Adobe Illustrator to create a personal logo. I produced a logo that represents my design aesthetic; one that I will be able to use for professional purposes in the future. The color choices stem from my personal style and represent my eye for design.

After learning the basics of Adobe Photoshop, I practiced using templates and inserting various images into them, incorporating the work of resizing images and creating layers. I created a moodboard that represents my brand, from themes to color schemes.

After creating my logo with Illustrator, I learned how to better navigate Photoshop to create mockup designs that showcased my logo on various objects, including coffee mugs, business cards, and signs. This was a valuable experience because I was able to see my designs come to life!

For my final design project, I revamped my resume. Using Canva and Photoshop, I displayed my professional work experience and design cability through an appealing aesthetic. I utilized various design rules to create a document that is captivating, eloquent, and clear.